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More Tea Darling


Once a month we put on a vintage tea event in the community for ealing residents  that brings all our programmes together.  


Hanwell Preserves make the homemade jam and a seasonal chutney, they also make the sandwich fillings.


Our bakers from the Barista programme make the fresh cream cakes and scones, Chocolicious make a delicious treat all to be placed on  3-tier cake stands made within the project.


Vegetarian and wheat free sandwiches are part of the menu,  vegan scones and cakes are available when they pre book which are also made within the programme


Customers  are served endless tea or coffee in a lovely vintage tea or coffee pot 


All crockery have been locally sourced either by donation or endless visits to

charity shops.  

Those attending will be greeted by one of our young adults who will take them to their table.   Waiters and waitress's dressed in black and white will attentively serve.   

The vintage tea event is an excellent opportunity for the group to develop their work together skills, each having a role that relies on another.   At the end of the event when our last customers are nearly finished the group sit and enjoy their own high tea served by the staff.


If you would like more information on our next vintage tea or wold like to book us for an event please call, sent a text or email   

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