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Work Coaches


Our aim is to support young people and young adults  in their transition into adulthood, often their self esteem and confidence is low so there focus is on what they cannot do rather than exploring what they can.


Our work coaches have the expertise to  support them every step of the way helping them fulfil their aspirations. they will explore their passions, identify their strengths and skill and areas of development.  Part of their role is to get the person "job ready", they will help locate paid and voluntary positions that the person is interested in by doing joint research, put interview skill sessions in place helping them to identify their strengths and identify transferable skills.

Once a position is secured our coaches support the successful applicant in their job role.  


Often the drive for our target group is to live a useful life, they are not always motivated by money, we already have work experience placements waiting to be filled as employers welcome supporting our target group if they have a job coach. 

Positions being accessed can be for as little as one hour a day, in such cases the work coaches would engage the young person/young adult in other ways such as accessing our entrepreneurial programme.   

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