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Positive Paws

Positive Paws is a social enterprise programme that makes dog biscuits, all the ingredients used are fresh, they include carrots, apples, banana's.  Products are wheat free as many dogs suffer from skin conditions from eating wheat.  there are no preservatives in them either.  

We encourage participants to be creative and make their own flavours, we have not had a dog yet turn its nose up at a homemade dog biscuits.

The biscuits are sold at various venues in Ealing as well as on our coffee van, even though they have been made with dogs in mind owners are tucking in as well!


Owners can also buy one of our Positive Paws cookie jars. 

Attendee who like to interact with dogs have an opportunity to go with staff into the community and talk to dog owners and test there product out on their pouches.

we also have dog owners who bring their dogs to agreed parks for those who wish to do some dog walking. 

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