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About us


The Youth Engagement Programme, provide a specialist services for young people, whether they are vulnerable in society, have a disability or additional need and young people in need to overcome barriers to volunteering or paid work.  Our aim is to foster a sense of community and friendships in an inclusive,  stimulating and safe environment that has been set up to provide needed respite to families and young people while improving life skills and life choices.  Often  vulnerable young people  miss out on opportunities that offer social and peer interactions, this is due to the lack of  providers who can offer a care package, especially to those aged between 16 and over.


 We want to empower  young people to live life to the full increasing independence and choice with the right to live their lives working toward their goals without being limited by other peoples expectations or prejudices.

We do not set limitations on individuals potentials

We are a proud community that helps young people to have a better quality of life by providing the best quality of support to help them transition into adulthood while embracing various activities and work experience opportunities encouraging positive inclusion and building confidence and self awareness.


We also work with young people who are still in education from the age of 13 providing  holiday schemes in school holidays where young people can access fun activities and trips.  We also have a Saturday friendship group which is really popular enabling young people to meet new and maintain on going friendships,  the weekly programme is designed by the attendees.


We run social enterprise programmes as well as supporting work placements.

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