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Food Trailer

Flava  ice lollies.png

Our little red trailer is very versatile, it is set up to make hot food within, it has 3 sinks, a hot plate 3 warmers and a hob .  This gives plenty of scope for our group to make and sell lots of different products.  


We have a professional crepe hot plate , yogurt and soft scoop ice-cream machine, juicer, candy floss and barista machine which is separate to our van  within our portfolio.   All very popular and very manageable  from the trailer.   Some are more complex to use than the other which matches our users abilities.  


We also have a small freezer on board enabling them to sell the naturally flavoured ice lollies the group make from juicing different fruits offering healthy alternatives to sugary lollies on the market.

The produce being sold from the trailer offers lots of different work experience roles, each one tailored suit and meet the attendances needs and wants.

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